When starting a business in Hamilton, Ontario or anywhere in the world, one of the most effective methods to attracting customers and a good look for you company, is to develop a distinct, unique, attractive and simple brand; something that tells the customer a bit about what your company is about, while being memorable. Diamond Consulting Group, will create your Brand from scratch, starting with a breathtaking logo, Colour pallete and personalized high quality images for website creation, social media posts, banners, button, business cards, flyers, Digital animation and many more

  • presentation folders                                           

  • postcards

  • flyers

  • business cards

  • brochures

  • envelopes

  • door hangers

  • greeting cards

  • booklets/magazines

  • custom notepads

  • invitations

  • catalogues

  • letterheads

  • calendars





 Diamond Consulting Group will proudly Personalize your company's Brand! Not only do we create a remarkable Logo for your Company, but we create a personalized brand around your logo; including, Colour palette, Iconography and Typography and more! We will create your Brand Style Guide based on your business goals and bring your vision to life.

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Brand Creation