Competitor Backlink Spy

One of the many benefits customers experience trusting the experts at Diamond Consulting Group is that we are able to analyse all of the information regarding your competitors web sites, where they rank on google compared to your company, and why. Backlinks are the main ingredient to in establishing page rank authority on google. They link your site to other sites over the web, which tells Google that your page is important and thus should be ranked higher on its search results. 

When we study your competitors backlinks , we are able to tell how many backlinks they have and where exactly they are coming from. Having this know lets us determine what needs to be done technically, in order for your business to compete. Our analytics allows us to create the perfect solution  torise up on page rank and compete and overtake your competitors position, which means more customers for your business.

SEO and Competitor analysis

In order  to determine your company's rank on google, we complete an SEO and competitor analysis, including competitor backlink analysis as read above. The following list is the our full list of services that accompany an SEO and Competitor Analysis.



Site Audit

Marketing Analytics

  • Rank Tracking

  • Web Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • Google My Business ​

  • Competitor Metrics

Social Analytics

  • Web Buzz Monitoring

  • Social Engagement​​​

  • Facebook Insights​​


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