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Online marketing is a staple for businesses in the 21st century. There is probably a good reason why your business is failing, if you do not have an online presence. There has never been a time in history where business can so easily showcase heir product or services to their local community, literally at the push of a button. Imagine how much business changed in the past when innovations like the telephone as discovered. Chances are those without a phone in those times simply couldn't keep up with those who did

Now nowadays online marketing is about taking advantage of the power of social platforms that now a majority of people in the world use everyday. Diamond Consulting Group utilizes quality web design and Search engine marketing (SEO) that delivers our clients results. Our mastery of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our expertise is taking your business and giving your local online users maximum exposure of your brand in southern Ontario.  Our services reach cities such as Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Oakville, Mississauga and everywhere in between!     

For all your marketing needs, both online and print, please call Diamond Consulting Group today. We also create stunning graphics, and responsive,


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Diamond Consulting provides professional / affordable website design, graphic design, software development and online marketing (SEO and social media) services for companies and organizations in Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas such as Mississauga, Stoney Creek, Oakville, Dundas, Ancaster, Brantford and Milton.

Diamond Consulting is on track to received Consumer Choice Award for the category of website design. As we have done in the past, we'll continue to provide quality services at affordable price regardless if you are running a small business or large organization.

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Anticipated Winner of 2020 Consumer Choice Award for the best website design agency in Hamilton / Niagara Falls, Ontario
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