The Magic Pill


By John Robert Cardillo

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a pill that would magically transform your body from soft, fluffy and downright fat, to lean, trim (as you were at age 19) and as “in shape” as the guy or gal who models underwear for Calvin Klein? That’s human nature – to seek the easy way, the fast way, the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, there is no “magic pill” – a single tablet that melts away body fat, unveiling the true you – someone who can at any age look absolutely amazing.

The good news is that exercise (specifically, the right kind of exercise) can serve as a sort of “magic pill” to revamp your metabolism – the calorie-burning metabolic engine in your body that allows you to burn calories and body fat, even when you are sleeping or just sitting around. That’s right, when you embark on the right kind of exercise, it works like magic within the body. Not only does it burn calories while you are doing the actual exercise in the gym – but more importantly, it also changes the way your body metabolizes food all day and night long. It makes the body inefficient at storing body fat. You may seem to gain fat simply by looking at food (many think there is some truth to that idea! The right exercise coaxes