Search engine optimization is an essential component for businesses seeking to acquire new customers/clients in Hamilton, Ontario. Diamond Consulting Group is your one stop shop for your marketing and design needs that specializes in Start up Consulting and  S.E.O. (search engine optimization). Our  diverse team has the expertise kill and experience in acquiring our clients new business through optimizing their website to appear on a high position on a google search of terms relating to your industry.

In the modern age, optimizing your website to appear has become an industry of its own. Given the importance of maintaining a strong online web presence for your business, it is imperative to take advantage of search engine marketing techniques whenever possible. We find that search engine optimization is the real backbone of any wildly successful marketing campaign, and should be given the consideration and attention it deserves. Most consumers utilize the web to search for new products, services, venues or events, so being accessible and visible in today's highly technological era is really what counts.





Diamond Consulting group is unique in the sense that we offer search engine optimization services at affordable prices, with a results-guaranteed promise. Guaranteed search engine optimization results is a feature of our marketing services that other companies simply won't offer. With our expertise, strategic marketing tactics and wealth of resources, we have a decided advantage over competitors in Hamilton and all of Ontario. Our efficiency with search engine optimization enables us to be more economical than our competitors in pricing. Diamond Consulting Group strategic efforts allows you dominate your industry on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Diamond Consulting provides professional / affordable website design, graphic design, software development and online marketing (SEO and social media) services for companies and organizations in Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas such as Mississauga, Stoney Creek, Oakville, Dundas, Ancaster, Brantford and Milton.

Diamond Consulting is on track to received Consumer Choice Award for the category of website design. As we have done in the past, we'll continue to provide quality services at affordable price regardless if you are running a small business or large organization.

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Anticipated Winner of 2020 Consumer Choice Award for the best website design agency in Hamilton / Niagara Falls, Ontario
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